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When it comes to Medical College Recruitment Services, We Venus Healthcare have an outstanding track record in providing Doctors Jobs in reputed Medical Colleges of India.

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About Medical College Recruitment

Some of our top clients include Gujarat Adani, Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences, Saraswati Institute of Medical Sciences, Teerthankar Medical College, Mayo Medical College and many others. We welcome all qualified and experienced Doctors who are interested to work with top notch Medical Colleges of India located in Tier1, 2 or 3 cities. We Venus are Quality focused healthcare workforce solutions provider with deep experience in Doctors recruitment in Medical Colleges of India.

We provide Doctors job in top notch Medical Colleges of India for the posts like Dean, Medical Superintendent, Medical Director, Registrar, Vice Principal, Junior Resident, Senior Resident, Tutor, Professor, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor.

Different Types of Jobs Profile

There are many different types of roles played by doctors in medical colleges some of them are below:


1. Lecturer for Medical College/ Institutions: Medicine lecturers are subject professors, teachers, or lecturers, and often doctors who give instruction to students who have obtained an upper secondary education diploma in their own specialized field of study, medicine, which is prominently academic in nature. They work with their institution research assistants and institution teaching assistants for the preparation of lectures and exams, for grading papers and exams, for leading laboratory practices, and for leading review and feedback sessions for the students. They also conduct academic research in their respective field of medicine, publish their findings and collaborate with other university colleagues.


2. Assistant Professor for Medical College/Institutions: An Assistant Professor is a professional who is responsible for assisting the professor and overviewing the different aspects of teaching such as preparing lessons, managing courses, lecturing, and facilitating learning. Assistant Professor enjoys a good salary package in India. The salary of assistant professors depends upon many aspects like: • Place/ Location • Type of the Organization • Experience In India, the Professors or Lecturers can get the highest payment from the institutes like AIIMS, BHU, and many more.


3. Resident Doctor for Medical College/ Institutions: A Resident Doctor is commonly someone who already has a basic medical graduate degree and is now working for a post-graduate degree like MD, MS. They typically spend around three years as Resident doctors before they get their Specialization in the branch chosen. Then, some may pursue clinical posts for few more months after specialization to gain more experience, however, they are still called Residents. Not all the resident doctors are pursuing their MD / MS. Some might be not actively pursuing or not registered officially for MD / MS. They are doing these professions as a matter of interest or for gaining more experience. These doctors are called residents because they actually live on the hospital campus itself and are available twenty-four hours a day for any emergency.

How Venus Helps in Medical College Hiring's

At Venus Healthcare India, we have a team of dedicated workforce experts having in-depth domain knowledge spanning across verticals of Healthcare Industry. This team which specializes in providing workforce solutions to organizations in this Industry are armed with extensive network in the healthcare and medical industries. We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry to effectively support evolving hiring plans and business ambitions.

Our dynamic approach in providing solutions that are forward looking ensures we constantly keep innovating to serve you better! We believe that the investments we have made over the last few years has helped us develop the expertise and market reach you deserve. Our niche expertise helps provide talent solutions tailored to your needs, solutions that are in sync with the market dynamics and helps you stay ahead of the curve.